Our advantages:

1A state-of-the art fleet of 29 tractor units, 38 specialist semi-trailers from recognised manufacturers and our vehicles to pilot out-of-gauge loads.

2More than 10 000 out-of-gauge transports across Europe and Russia

3An experienced staff who pay attention to every detail and can be comfortably trusted with even the most difficult projects

About us

Peter-Star has been in the market since 2007. It provides a full range of transportation services across Europe and Russia. It has undertaken more than 10,000 transports, including those more than 50 metres long, 7 metres wide and 6 metres high, weighing up to 150 tonnes. Our company also specialises in combined transport in cooperation with some reliable business partners. We deliver road, rail and water (including marine) transports on a daily basis.
Peter-Star has its own state-of-the-art fleet of vehicles and a variety of semi-trailers to carry diverse loads. Each vehicle is equipped with a GPS monitoring system to track its location on a 7/24 basis. Experienced drivers and pilots are responsible for efficient transports to reach their destinations safely.

Our staff, with years’ worth of experience, are involved at all stages of your order, beginning with its preparation (including arrangement for permits) through loading till delivery to final customers.

Peter-Star guarantees transports to top standards, closely followed by our business.

Peter-Star is a member of the Association of International Road Carriers. We are certified and licensed to realise any types of road transports. Each cargo transported by our business is insured.


As a reliable and lawful enterprise, we provide access to our business documents. We hold all certificates, insurances and licences required to carry out road transportation.